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See it everywhere but the source so here’s the original.

For the anonymous fellow having trouble finding it.

When he gets close, the bottom says he wants cum, fuck yeah! There is only one objective, to get that load in his ass no matter how hard he has to work, riding that under-stall huge raw cock to get it in him.

The more loads the more risk, and I don’t guess who is or isn’t chasing or nervous… if your taking loads like this, and that’s going to be all out cum lust, might as well embrace the poz life.

Once you knowingly take a poz load, and I’ve heard this time and time again, us raw only fuckers start craving it, watching bareback porn, and cum lust that’s isn’t neg cum lust.

Everyone that fucks like this, well, they are poz or going to be. You can skirt the edge, get lucky, be resistant, or never get no matter how many raw loads, but 90% get to be poz.

The virus really does make you want to fuck, which makes total sense, to spread it, to worship it, to parTy as a aids top, to just keep shooting your toxic slime getting more and more wanted , to be hanging on and still passing it to every raw fucker.

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Fucking HOT triple internal breeding ??????

The look on the cumcump’s face when it’s over and he’s holding three loads inside his gut ?

“fuck my seed into him. Drive it all the way in”

Only best internal breed! No pulling out. Follow

I don’t care what you look like, how old you are. I️ don’t care about your weight, race or if you are gay or straight. All I️ care about is hard cock and a man who likes to fuck pussy. All I️ care about is being an open obedient cum dump cunt. I️ live for having my cunt used by Alpha tops and for being their property to rape as they choose.

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